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SBI arrests suspect for attempted murder of Selma police officer in Jan.


At the request of Interim Selma Police Chief Tommie Reese, Special Agents with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) initiated an investigation into the attempted murder of a Selma Police Officer on Sunday, Jan. 29.

The Selma Police Officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle at the intersection of Marie Foster Street and J L Chestnut Boulevard when the incident occurred. Two individuals approached his patrol vehicle, and one fired a handgun into the vehicle and struck the driver side door where the officer was sitting. Thankfully, the officer was not injured. Both individuals then fled on foot.

Over the course of the investigation, Special Agents were able to identify one of the suspects as Tyrone Strong Jr., 19, of Selma. Special Agents obtained arrest warrants for Attempted Murder of the officer and for Discharging a Firearm into the officer’s patrol vehicle. On Wednesday, Feb. 15, Strong was arrested by the U.S. Marshals-Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force in Tuscaloosa.

ALEA would like to thank the U.S. Marshals- Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, the Selma Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance and support in the investigation.


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