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Severe thunderstorm Tuesday spins up two tornadoes in Hale


Several roads in Hale County were rendered impassable due to possible tornado damage Tuesday night, according to an announcement by Hale County Sheriff’s Department. 

Via Facebook, the department asked people to avoid Alabama Highway 69 between the South Bypass and Co. Rd. 46, Co. Rd. 52, Valley View Gardens Circle, and Hampton Hills Drive in Moundville. A tornado is believed to have touched down in the area.

HCSD said there had been numerous trees and structures damaged. Whether there were any injuries, or how many, was unknown at the time of publication.

Late that night, another tornado formed near Newbern and traveled in the direction of Perry County. As of press time, it was unclear whether that tornado touched down, or if it did, how much damage resulted.


The storm produced tornadoes throughout the Southeast, including one that devastated parts of New Orleans overnight. But tornadoes were not the only hazard the system generated.

The Black Warrior River was reported to be at or near flood stage as of press time, the result of torrents of rain dropped by the storm as it traveled through the state. This came on the heels of regular heavy rains throughout the past few weeks. Flooding in Tuscaloosa wreaked havoc in that city Tuesday.

The storm also produced high winds and some hail as it slowly passed over Alabama.

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