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Nonprofit plans conference on Black Belt water May 24


Blackbelt Women Rising is proud to announce the upcoming Blackbelt Utility Conference, scheduled to take place on May 24th, 2024, at Wallace Community College Demopolis Campus. The conference will bring together water experts, funders, and representatives from homeland security to address critical issues facing utility services in the Blackbelt region.

“We are thrilled to host the Blackbelt Utility Conference and provide a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations,” said Portia Shepherd, Executive Director. “This conference aims to address challenges and explore opportunities for improving utility services in our community.” “We are grateful to University of Alabama- Birmingham, University of South Alabama and others , for being a part of this important event and look forward to productive discussions.”

The conference will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops covering a range of topics, including water management, infrastructure development, funding opportunities, and emergency preparedness. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share best practices, and develop strategies for enhancing utility services in the Blackbelt area. Participants can receive 4 CHEJ hours for this conference through ADEM.

“We believe that by bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, we can work towards building a more resilient and sustainable utility infrastructure,” added Corey Martin, a conference organizer.


The Blackbelt Utility Conference will kick off at 8:00am and conclude at 4:15pm. Registration is required to attend, and more information about the conference agenda and registration details can be found at https://bbwaterconference.rsvpify.com

Blackbelt Women Rising is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women and communities in the Blackbelt region. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, Blackbelt Women Rising works to address issues of gender justice, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability. For more information, visit www.bbwr.org.

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