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Hale County Hospital’s Hospital Corner


At Hale County Hospital, it is our mission to pursue and promote healing, improved health, and improved quality of life of the residents of Hale County and surrounding communities. Our focus is on relationship and community-centered healthcare complemented by programming, activities, and community partnerships that support improved health and quality of life of our neighbors. We place a great emphasis on primary care, mental health and behavioral health, and social services, and are working to bring the best of specialty care via video and telephone consultation to your visits with your primary care providers.

In addition, we seek to prepare medical, health professions, and other students to carry forward the humanistic and community focused standard to which we aspire in our own work. We further seek to prepare community health leaders for our region, state, and nation, with a special focus on preparing leaders for rural and under-served communities.

One of the things we are most proud of at Hale County Hospital is the opportunities we provide for medical education students to complete clinical rotations in our emergency room, inpatient wing, two clinics, and physical therapy clinic. During the 2023- 2024 academic year, we have welcomed 8 physician associate (PA) students, 7 nurse practitioner (NP) students, 1 medical student (MD/DO), 1 medical resident, 2 undergraduate students, and roughly 100 nursing students to complete clinical rotations and shadowing through Hale County Hospital. We are so grateful to have a team of physicians, physician associates, and nurse practitioners who have been willing to teach and mentor our future leaders in healthcare.

Hale County Hospital offers shadowing opportunities for high school and college students to complete shadowing at our hospital, 2 clinics, and/or physical therapy clinic as well as clinical rotations for nursing, PA, NP, MD, and DO students to complete in pursuit of their educational degrees. We offer clinical clerkships in family medicine and psychiatry as well as a “community health leadership elective” where students can complete their rotation in our hospitals and clinics as well as volunteering at local organizations like Project Horseshoe Farm. We also partner with Project Horseshoe Farm to offer internship opportunities for Masters of Public Health students.


If you or someone you know is a student who is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or medicine, please e-mail fellows@halecountyhospital.com to inquire about educational opportunities Hale County Hospital can provide to assist in achieving your educational and career goals.

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