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Crawford defends position, Dussett is new commissioner after primary vote


Though turnout was low, over 2,000 Hale Countians came to the polls on Tuesday, March 5 to make their voices heard in the 2024 party primary elections.

Incumbent Probate Judge Arthur Crawford successfully defended a challenge to his position in the Democratic primary from local business owner Larid Cole. Crawford received 63.22% of the vote, a total of 990 votes, to Cole’s 576 votes or 36.78%.

In the race for Hale County Commission, District No. 2, Earlean Dussett won the Democratic nomination with 59.70% of the votes, amounting to 360 votes. Willie “Red” Hudson received 243 votes, making up 40.30% of the total.

For the Hale County Board of Education, District No. 4, Chad Payne won the Democratic nomination with 67.10% or 261 votes, compared to Hollie Pernier Wyatt , who received 32.90% or 128 votes.


Statewide Amendment Number One was unsuccessful with Hale County primary voters, with 55.53% (1,174 votes) opposing and 44.47% (940 votes) supporting.

In the Democratic delegates for the 7th Congressional District, Joseph R Biden Jr. Delegates led with 9.52% (354 votes), followed by Eleonor T. Bell with 10.56% (393 votes), Linda Coleman-Madison with 12.55% (467 votes), Christopher John England with 9.76% (363 votes), Rolanda Hollis with 8.20% (305 votes), Kelvin Lawrence with 9.88% (360 votes), Robert L. Stewart with 18.01% (670 votes), Albert Turner Jr with 12.20% (454 votes), Sheila Tyson with 7.04% (262 votes), Warren “Billy” Young with 0.97% (36 votes), and Uncommitted Delegates with 1.51% (56 votes).

On the Republican side, for Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place 2, Chad Hanson achieved a narrow win with 53.47% (370 votes) over Stephen Davis Parker, who received 46.53% (322 votes).

For Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 2, Thomas Govan outpaced Rich Anderson with 56.07% (388 votes) to Anderson’s 43.93% (304 votes).

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh claimed a decisive win in the President, Public Service Commission race with 60.60% (463 votes), compared to Robert L. McCollum with 39.40% (301 votes).

In the race for the United States Presidential 7th Congressional District , Terri A. Sewell was the clear favorite with 86.70% (1,330 votes) over Chris Davis , who garnered 13.30% (204 votes).

For the United States Representative 7th Congressional District , Christian Horn led with 58.33% (385 votes), followed by Robin Litaker with 41.67% (275 votes).

For Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Sarah Stewart won with 63.25% (497 votes), outpacing Bryan Taylor , who received 36.75% (283 votes).

The Presidential candidates for the Democratic party in Hale County saw Joseph R Biden Jr. with a commanding lead at 80.26% (1,183 votes), followed by Dean Phillips with 6.78% (100 votes), and Uncommitted with 12.96% (191 votes).

The Republican field for the President of the United States showed Donald J. Trump with an overwhelming majority at 92.68% (760 votes), with Uncommitted securing just 0.49% (4 votes).

The election results, including a total ballot cast of 2,437 out of 12,007 registered voters, reflect a voter turnout of 20.30%. These results are unofficial until certified.

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