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Council holds short meeting Tuesday night, will attend economic development session


Greensboro City Council had a short agenda for their first meeting of the month, held this Tuesday night.

As the first order of business, councilmembers voted to approve the minutes from their last meeting. The council also voted to pay the bills, totaling $23,379.06.

Heads of the city’s various departments were in attendance to give monthly reports. Teresa Phillips from the Tech Center noted that her department’s antivirus subscription would expire this month and asked that she be able to renew that protection. City Clerk Lorrie Cook said the department had funding for that expense in its budget, so the purchase could proceed without a vote of the council.

From the Parks and Recreation Department, the Greensboro Recreation Center will realize a total of $1,300.00 in revenues for the month of August.


Both Streets and Sanitation Supervisor Aaron Evans and Police Chief Willie Lewis said there was nothing to report from their respective departments.

During the public comment period of the meeting, Councilmember Shepherd said a constituent had called her about a “soft spot” on Morse Street in District 2, which she represents. She said someone had put a barrel there to prevent cars from driving into it.

Evans said his department was aware of the spot, and he was the one who placed the barrel. He said it was the result of a sinkhole forming.

“We’ve got it all over the city,” he said. Mayor J.B. Washington said much of the city’s drainage infrastructure was beginning to break down due to age, and this was the result.

Councilmembers will leave Thursday morning to attend this month’s session of economic development training sponsored by the Alabama League of Municipalities.

The council has been attending sessions all year. The final educational session will be held in September.

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