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Herb Jones, NBA standout, returns to Greensboro for Community Day


Herb Jones, Hale County native, former University of Alabama basketball star and current New Orleans Pelicans player, came back to Greensboro to take part in the first-ever Community Day held on Friday, June 10.

Jones, well-known for his humility and giving nature, seamlessly fit into the crowd of around 500 locals who flocked to the community event. Shalong Hamilton, a key organizer of the event, expressed admiration for Jones’ down-to-earth demeanor and his eagerness to give back to his community, characteristics that make him a figure people are naturally drawn to.

Community Day was more than just a social gathering. The event was themed “Live, Work, Play” and provided an opportunity for attendees to acquaint themselves with various community resources that are often underutilized. Alongside food trucks and a kids-zone, stalls were organized to provide information on healthcare, housing, and finance.

In an interview with WVUA-23 about the event, Hamilton stressed the importance of financial literacy, stating, “Knowing how to handle money and knowing how to save is essential to being a productive citizen in the world. Period. It’s just what we need.”


The event has been met with overwhelming positive feedback from the community, with many acknowledging that it was much more than a simple picnic. Hamilton, encouraged by the response, is hopeful to make Community Day an annual fixture for communities in Hale County, aiming to bring together such positive resources on a regular basis.

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