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May 21-27 is EMS Week in Hale County


Hale County is officially observing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week from May 21st to 27th this year, a significant period dedicated to acknowledging the invaluable services of local responders. The aim of this commemorative week is to reaffirm the critical role of these dedicated individuals in our communities and spotlight the lifesaving tasks they carry out daily.

This year’s theme, “Where Emergency Care Begins,” epitomizes the essence of EMS. It serves as an undeniable reminder of the constant readiness and unwavering support that our EMS provides to meet the needs of our communities. In these challenging times, the significance of this theme is accentuated, reinforcing the fact that our EMS personnel are always here to respond, support, and care.

EMS Week presents the perfect opportunity to honor our frontline heroes. We extend particular gratitude to HCEMS Director Patrick Howard and his dedicated personnel. Their commitment to providing emergency medical care is a testament to their unwavering dedication to saving lives every day.

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