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Yeagers introduce Ruan Thai Greensboro with blessing ceremony, sampling of Thai delicacies


Greensboro will soon welcome a new business with a long history. Ruan Thai, a beloved Thai restaurant which operated for many years in Tuscaloosa, is reopening in Greensboro soon.

The restaurant is owned by Alp and Van Yeager. Van is a Greensboro native. Alp is Thai-American and has been in the restaurant business most of her adult life. The long-running Tuscaloosa location closed during the 2020 pandemic to the disappointment of many faithful customers. Tuscaloosa media has alredy been abuzz with coverage of the restaurant’s reopening here in Hale County.

On Wednesday, March 29, a group of four Buddhist monks came from Atlanta for a traditional blessing ceremony. Alp Yeager told the Watchman that the blessing was an old tradition, necessary before beginning any new business venture.

The blessing ceremony also served as a first look and walk-through for many residents who have been curious and excited to watch the progress on the restaurant’s new location.


It is being housed on Main Street, in the former location of Michael Harrow Realty. The Yeagers have spent many months on the renovation of the bulding, including adding a secondstory balcony.

The monks prayed that the business would have success and good luck for 100 years. After the prayer, the monks blessed both the building and the crowd assembled there with aspersions of holy water. Then the monks were served the restaurant’s first meal, a ceremonial offering of rice.

Attendees were welcomed to try a variety of traditional Thai items, both foods that will be on the menu at the new restaurant and some special off-the menu features, as well.

Alp Yeager said the restaurant would open soon, as she and her family and staff attend to a few final details, work out permits and business licenses, and finally set an opening date.

The Watchman will continue to update its readers on the progress of the much-anticipated opening day as details become available.

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