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Officers converge on G’boro after ‘officer down call:’ deputy ‘fine’


Police and other first responders converged on Greensboro Tuesday afternoon following a call of “officer down.” That communication often means an officer has been seriously injured.

That was, fortunately, not the case this week, according to Hale County Sheriff Mike Hamilton.

“The deputy is fine,” said Hamilton.

Once it became clear that the deputy, Kenneth Robertson, was not seriously injured, a second call went out advising responders that the situation was not an emergency.


Still, the incident showed a quick response from responders in Moundville, Marion, Uniontown, Demopolis, and other neighboring communities.

Hamilton said the injury resulted from a traffic stop encounter with a woman he described as severely mentally ill. He said the woman “bumped” the deputy with her car, then fled the scene north on Ala. Hwy. 69. The incident reportedly took place on Tuscaloosa Street in Greensboro near the Family Dollar store there.

Hamilton said officers had apprehended the suspect, whom he did not identify. He said that, in light of the woman’s mental illness, she was not presently being charged. He said she was, however, in inpatient psychiatric care.

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