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25 Years Ago in the Greensboro Watchman May 15, 1997


Jay and Owens to be in the mayoral run-off June 3 – In what should have been about an 1800-vote turnout, Greensboro voters showed much apathy to the special mayoral race Tuesday and gave John C. Jay, Jr., the incumbent mayor, 664 votes while his closest opponent, John Owens, polled 642 votes. Robert H. McMillan’s 28 votes as the third mayoral candidate were enough to keep Jay from getting a majority vote, for a total of 1334 votes in the special municipal election. It appears from the figures that about 466 voters did not care enough about who would win to even turn out to vote in the special race.

Grant Lovinggood, son of Joe and Dale Glover, is currently serving as vice-president for risk management for the Auburn Interfraternity Council is composed of seven young men elected by the Council of Presidents (the presidents of each fraternity) each year.

Graveside services were held at 11 o’clock Saturday morning, May 3, at the Rosemont Cemetery in Uniontown for Mrs. Frances Hall Stand, 78, of Marion Junction, who died on Thursday, May 1, at her home. The Rev. Larry Potts officiated.

Funeral services were held at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon at Memory Chapel in Tuscaloosa for Lawson V. “Pat” Causey, 80, of Tuscaloosa, who died on Tuesday, May 6, at his home. A former resident of Greensboro, Mr. Causey is remembered by many people here. He was a brother of the late Earnest cause an the late Phares Causey of Greensboro.


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