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125 Years Ago in the Greensboro Watchman May 21, 1897


We don’t know whose cow it is, but there is one in the neighborhood of the Watchman office that has been sending forth the most melancholy and disconsolate wails one ever heard for a week or two. Something must be ailing the animal. We suggest sending it to the pasture.

The 38th Anniversary the Belles Lettres Society will be celebrated at the Clariosophic Hall at 8:30 o’clock Friday evening, May 21st. Exercises will consist of an oration by the Rev. Eugene Hawkins of Bessemer, and a debate on the question, – REsolved, That Independent action in Politics is Preferable to Party Allegience. Public cordially invited.

The Greensboro correspondent of the Advertiser says: “The closing exercises of the public school on last Friday were very interesting. The attendance is small, numbering only about thirty, but it was astonishing to see how well advanced the tots were, for this is the first year at school with most of them. Each pupil gave a good recitation, reflecting much credit upon the industrious Misses Sallie Pasteur and Frances Erwin Jones.

At a called meeting of the vestry of St. Paul’s church May 18, 1897, the following resolution was adopted, viz: Resolved that the vestry of St. Paul’s church, Greensboro, beg thus formally to thank the members of the congregation for their earnest cooperation in the work of entertaining the Council, and also to express their grateful appreciation of the help extended to them by the members of the other congregations. Resolved, that the Watchman and Beacon be requested to publish the resolution. – R.H. Cobbs, rector, C. Derrick, Sec’y.


Dr. W. T. Downey had moved into his office in the McFaddin building. It is very neatly fitted up.

Tuskalooosa street – both the side walk and the road – is in better fix now than it has been for years. Thanks to Mayor Randolph.

The weather has been unseasonable for the past week. The nights have been cold. The crops have not grown of any consequence.

Gen. John B. Gordon will lecture in Greensboro on June 1st, 1897 on “The Last Days of the Confederacy.” The lecture is said to be a most excellent one.

Col. J.T. Murfee, president of the Marion Military Institute, has our thanks for an invitation to attend the anniversary exercises of that school, which begin on Sunday, May 30th and continue through Wednesday, June 2nd.

Went he retired a few nights ago, Mr. John Buchanan had a first rate garden. When he went out to look at it the next morning he found, instead of vegetables, four cows, one goat, and twenty-two hogs in it. What he said when he beheld the wreck, we know not.

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