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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall conducts session on human trafficking in Uniontown


On Wednesday, April 27, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall visited the city of Uniontown for Crime Victims Week. Marshall’s program, ‘Human Trafficking in the Black Belt,’ was a training session on how to report, file paperwork and connect with state agencies that can help aid in the fight to end human trafficking in Alabama.

Chris Lim, District Attorney Michael Jackson, Blackbelt Women Rising Community Coordinator Nikki Carter, Attorney General Steve Marshall, Blackbelt Women Rising Executive Director Portia Shepherd, and Gabrielle Helix.

Presenting at the conference were: Gabrielle Helix, Domestic Violence Resource Prosecutor, Office of Prosecutor Services, OPS and Chris Lim, Coordinator, Alabama Anti-Human Trafficking Alliance. There were officers from throughout the Black Belt present, including Greensboro Police Chief, Michael Hamilton and four other officers from Greensboro Police Department. Blackbelt Women Rising, a gender and environmental justice organization based in Uniontown, hosted the event with five counties representing their Domestic and Sexual Violence task force. The task force is lead by the Blackbelt Women Rising’s community coordinator, Nikki Carter. Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Jackson was present at the event and answered questions about his office role in bringing quality services to the heart of the Black Belt region. Blackbelt Women Rising is a prevention education, training and advocacy base organization, you can visit their website at www.blackbeltwomerising.org

Pictured above are some of the attendees of AG Steve Marshall’s session on human trafficking in the Black Belt, held April 27 in Uniontown.

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