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100 Years Ago in The Greensboro Watchman – March 30, 1922


Opera House, Friday, Mar. 31: We are pleased to announced that we have se-cured a return date on Ru-pert Hughes sparkling comedy-drama of married life “Dangerous Curve Ahead” with Helen Chad-wick and Richard Dix and all star cast. April 6th: We are pleased to announce that we have secured for the pleasure and entertainment of the patrons of the Opera House on Thursday, April 6, Albert Vierras’ Hawaiian Singers & Players, presenting “A Night in Hawaii.” In connection with the above entertainment we will also exhibit “The Great Impersonation,” with James Kirk-wood and all star cast.

STRAYED—From the Moore place at Heiberger on March 15th, one dark brown mare about 10 years old; would weigh about 1000 pounds if fat. Suitable reward for information leading to her recovery. — CLAUD CURB, Heiberger, Ala.

MARRIED—At the Methodist parsonage in Greensboro on the afternoon of March 26th, by Rev. T.Y. Abernathy, Mr. Rance Byers of the Vocational school, and Miss Katherine Spencer of Beat No. 10.

DIED—In Dallas, Texas, on March 27th, Mrs. J.S. Taylor (nee Miss Carrie Osborn). She is survived by two sons, namely: Mr. Thomas Boardman and Mr. Eugene Taylor.


The Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid Society will give an Easter egg Hunt on Thursday, April 13th at 4:00 p.m. at the Otts old place. There will be a specially arranged place for the very small children. Two live rabbits will be hidden. One of the most complete whiskey-making out-fits yet captured in Hale county was brought to Greensboro last Tuesday by Constable King of Akron. It was found in a house at Akron and was in operation when Mr. King made the raid. He brought two gallons of corn whiskey along with the still. There were forty or fifty gallons of “mash” in the house which was destroyed. The still is of copper and will hold ten or more gallons. Constable King also brought along as his prisoners, charged with operating the wildcat dive, Charley and Lark Stall-worth and Junius McReynolds, who are now in jail at this place.

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